Our Classes

Here at Perfect Pointes School of Dance, we follow the Professional Teachers of Dancing (PTD) syllabus in Ballet, Tap and Jazz. The organisation are accredited by the government meaning that all exams taken from Grade One earn students UCAS points to help gain entry into university. All classes are for one hour, ensuring that students have ample time to warm up correctly and get the most out of their class, whether that be for exams or show work.

Pre-School Classes

Our Mr. Paws Combined Ballet and Tap class starts with the pre-primary syllabus, helping our students to begin developing their skills in both subjects and start building the foundations for future study of dance; posture, balance, co-ordination and moving to music. But, the most important things that our youngsters learn is: confidence, working as part of a team and how to have fun while dancing.

Ballet Classes

Ballet helps to build the foundations of all forms of dance with the majority of our students taking a Ballet class at least once a week. Ballet classes with Perfect Pointes start with the Mr. Paws Syllabus and progresses to Advanced Level with PTD.

As our students work their way through the Ballet syllabus, they develop their fitness, strength and body alignment. Once they reach Intermediate Foundation and above, students then develop their Pointe work, leaps and achieving their flexibility goals. One of the most important things that we encourage our students to do is to develop their own dance style and musicality.

Tap Classes

Tap dancing offers an energetic and exciting way to keep fit and have fun. It teaches self-confidence, develops timing and cultivates individual style.

At Perfect Pointes, Tap classes start with our Mr. Paws Combined class studying Pre-Primary and continues all the way up to Advanced Level with PTD.

Jazz Classes

Jazz Dance offers a range of different styles incorporated into one style. Jazz Dance allows students to improve their flexibility, their ability to isolate their body, and to adapt to a range of dance styles.

Here at Perfect Pointes, we offer our students the chance to experience a wide range of styles through our Jazz classes. We focus on a variety of elements such as: lyrical and contemporary, hip hop, disco and even Charleston!

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